about me

I have grown up in and around texts. In my household everybody was always reading something: newspapers, magazines, picture books, novels, non-fiction, and religious texts. From the time I could speak, I awoke every morning singing the prayers my parents had taught me. My mother tongue is English, but I have studied Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, and Spanish. Through each I have come to appreciate a new aspect of the printed word.

It is this experience of text that I want to explore: what does it mean to live with texts? How do the words around us affect us? How do texts transcend their literal meanings? In my artwork I have been working with different facets of text: the shapes of lettering, the way we interact with text, and what the experience of these interactions is.

For some, religious texts seem old and constraining. To me, they are stories and wisdom, with a millennium of development. They are full of life and beauty. I have found myself by navigating through the spaces between the words. This is my lens to the world. I look out at trees through proverbs and poems.

To me, these texts embody joy and intensity: I am fascinated by the curve of a stroke or the contrast between the letters and the page. The world of text is exuberant: full of flourishes and beautiful simplicity. These interests have led to works in graphic styles: design, ink, and paper crafts. I strive to embody the qualities of text which provide continuous inspiration for me.

Rachel Jackson

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