This is a unique megillah! I made it with two friends when we were studying in Israel.

The text is written with a turkey feather quill and authentic black ink, in traditional Sta”m writing on calligraphic paper (by Nechama Zobin). Illuminated borders and words were hand-drawn (by me! Rachel Jackson!), and the illustrations were painstakingly sketched and painted using watercolors (by Elana Levy). This form of art is well represented in Jewish tradition, for the megillah is the only biblical text which is required to be written on klaf (parchment) and with which illustrations are halachicly permissible. Because we wanted to publish our work our megillah is not on claf. However, we are following in the tradition of Jews from all continents who have been illustrating megillot in a plethora of styles for hundreds of years, providing us which much material for inspiration. One of the earliest complete manuscripts of an illuminated megillah was, in fact, written by a Venetian woman named Estellina daughter of Menahem in 1564, which is part of the Braginsky Collection of Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books, currently housed in the Israel Museum. 

Shipped from Cambridge, MA. A portion of the proceeds benefits Mazon.